School Song

We the children of CCA
We always sing her praises loud and clear
With heart o bright and gaily
We breath our prayer today
Hail CCA, our Alma mater
We pledge our love and loyalty to you
May god bless all our teachers and our elders
Do we pray, we pray, we pray.
We the children of CCA, we strive to gain the knowledge given us,
our teachers do be blessed and lovingly cared for bring guiding stars in our school days.

Walking with the Lord:

Walking with the Lord, we are walking in the morning,
Lift up your hearts, for you are walking with God.
Singing to the Lord, we are singing in the sunshine,
Lift up our hearts, for you are singing to God.
Hand in hand with everyone, we’re walking, walking,
Black and white and brown, together, walking, walking,
Singing new songs now, living new lives,
Building new bridges, walking distant miles,
Well we’re walking with the Lord….
Rain and storm will not prevent us, walking, walking,
Faith and hope and love, Will send us walking, walking.
Crossing all barriers, climbing all stiles,
Breaking through fences, walking distant miles,
Well we’re walking with the Lord….