Chairman’s Desk
Chairman’s Desk

Education is the most important gift you can give your child. It is an enlightening experience which will benefit and shape a better future. Education creates an environment where the child develops not only his intellects but also becomes a part of the community he lives in and develops a sense of right and wrong. With this in mind, I decided to establish an educational institution which will provide quality education at an affordable cost.

I have specially emphasized a physical education as a healthy mind and a healthy body goes hand in hand. With this view we have provided the best Sports Coaches and our results have been excellent in Sports.

Our methods of teaching by teaching staff are the best as proved by our results year after year. Our Library and Computers facilities are excellent.

Apart from Sports and Academics we have not neglected our Cultural & Traditional heritage as attested by our Annual Function where our talented children put up a dance, drama, skits etc. before an appreciative audience.

The Principal, the Director and the Management take a personal interest in School much beyond their regular duties and are accessible to the parents at all times when needed.

Over the years the school has carved a niche for itself in popularizing a learning environment that is adoptable and flexible to the present needs of the Students and in helping them to utilize their maximum potential and become future all round achievers.

K.C.Singh Chairman